Beginner's Guide to Steam Milk☕

Beginner's Guide to Steam Milk☕

💡What Is Steamed Milk?

Steamed milk is made by exposing milk to steam from a steam wand attached to an espresso machine, which is then slowly introduced into the milk until the fat breaks down and expands to form tiny microbubbles, known as microfoam.The end result is a smooth, silky drink that's perfect for espresso-based beverages.

💡How To Steam Milk At Home?

Today I want to take you through my tips on how to steam milk at home. In this video I’ll go through the basics of steaming milk, and how to pour a simple heart design.❤️

☕Below is a video guide of  frothing milk!

💡You have steamed milk!

Congratulations you have now learned how to steam milk!🥰

😊To recap what we’ve learned in the video

  1. Press the button until the button stops flashing.
  2. Spin the steam knob and hold it for 3 secs to drain the remaining water in the pipe.
  3. Spin the steam knob to start texturing milk.
  4. Texturing makes a smooth hissing noise.
  5. Milk is moving in a whirlpool action.

You may not be perfect on the first try, or even the tenth.
But don't be discouraged.
The more you practice,
the better you can hone your technique and learn what works best for you and your machine.
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