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To be your home Barista

You can enjoy pure espresso anytime with Laekerrt 20 Bar Professional Espresso Machine

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  • Totally suitable for beginners

    "This machine covers all functions needed to make espresso coffee, and the functions are very powerful and practical at this price. Recommend to all entry-level coffee lovers."

  • Works like a charm, recommend!

    "We've been using the machine to practice our latte art and definitely love the thick, velvety foam the machine's adjustable milk frothing wand whips! Operations are easy and you can unlock unlimited cups of coffee once getting used to it."

  • They really know your needs!

    “Laekerrt never disappoints me! They always match color nicely and all products looks gorgeous. Besides the good looks, espresso also comes out smoothly with rich crema and we love the way they stand behind their products : )"

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Why Laekerrt

Gathered with a group of professional and passionate associates, Laekerrt is a relentless innovator in the housewares industry that has been putting unwavering efforts in providing highly functional and innovative small household appliances that exceed the expectations of people all over the world.

At Laekerrt, we take pride on quality, innovation, stylish design, excellent customer service and competitive pricing. With an unrelenting focus on solving for consumers' pain points, Laekerrt aims to and has been delivering 5-star household appliances that improve and simplify consumers' kitchen life.

Welcome to join Laekerrt and enjoy your kitchen life with us!